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At Century 21 Bayside Properties, we understand that navigating home insurance in Mexico is the first step toward protecting your valuable assets. Our country’s diverse landscape, from bustling cities to peaceful coastal areas, requires a customized approach to home insurance. With various risks involved, it’s crucial for homeowners to understand their insurance coverage and how to manage it effectively.

Our goal is to simplify this process. We offer innovative insurance solutions designed to meet your specific needs, and we prioritize educating our clients to ensure they fully understand their protection.


Is it possible to obtain home insurance in Mexico?

Yes, you can get home insurance in Mexico. At Century 21 Bayside Properties, we specialize in providing solutions that address the unique risks of Mexico’s diverse landscape. We offer a variety of coverage options, whether you need protection against theft, natural disasters, or liability issues.

Does American insurance policies extend to Mexico?

No, American insurance policies do not apply in Mexico. These policies are not authorized to operate within Mexican territory and are considered invalid. It’s essential for any home insurance policy in Mexico to comply with local laws, provide adequate coverage, and be licensed in Mexico.

Our experienced team will help you choose a solution that meets your expectations and provides comprehensive protection for your home and valuables.

What does Mexican homeowners insurance typically cover?

Mexican homeowners insurance generally covers fire damage, contents protection, theft, earthquake damage, natural disasters, and liability. It’s important to assess your specific needs and ensure you have sufficient coverage.

Does the insurance policy maintained by my HOA include coverage for my unit?

It’s essential to check with your HOA and their insurance provider about what their policy covers. Typically, the building’s insurance covers common areas and structural elements, but not individual units and personal belongings. We recommend that homeowners get their own home insurance to ensure complete protection for their units and valuables. Our team can review your HOA policy to make sure there are no coverage gaps and that all your needs are covered.


In Mexico, there are various options for medical and life insurance available to both Mexican citizens and foreigners:

Public Health Insurance

  • IMSS (Mexican Social Security Institute): Many foreigners residing in Mexico choose to enroll in IMSS. To do so, they need to apply for a Social Security Number (NSS) and provide documentation such as a birth certificate or certified copy, along with their valid passport and foreigner identification card. IMSS offers public healthcare services.

  • Seguro Popular: This is also an option for foreigners. The requirements are similar to those for Mexican citizens.

Medical Expenses Insurance for Foreigners

Purchasing international medical insurance is an excellent alternative. This allows access to private hospitals in case of illnesses or accidents. You can purchase it from your home country to cover any health incidents that may occur in Mexico.

Private Insurances

  • Quálitas Insurance Company: Leaders in automotive insurance with over 27 years of experience.

  • Centauro Specialized Health Insurance: Specialized in dental and vision insurance.

  • Major Medical Expenses Insurance: Provides care in private hospitals and access to specialists.

  • GNP Insurance: Offers various types of insurance, including major medical expenses, professional education, life, retirement savings, and home or business damage.

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