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For all your short and long term rental and property management needs

At Century 21, we understand the importance of ensuring that your properties are in the right hands for leasing. Our long history as one of the leading brands in the real estate market backs us up. Here’s why you should consider us to manage your leases and the process we follow.

Short-term leases

High-performance vacation rentals with Century 21
We offer a comprehensive and professional approach to the management of your vacation rental property. If you are looking to maximize your income and have a high yield throughout the year, you have come to the right place.

Our process:

Evaluation and Preparation: We begin with a thorough evaluation of your property to determine its vacation rental potential. Then, we make recommendations and help you prepare the property to receive guests, making sure it is in the best possible condition.

Competitive Rates and Strategic Pricing: We set competitive rates based on real-time market analysis to ensure that your properties are rented at the right price at all times.

Promotion on Rental Platforms: We use leading platforms such as Airbnb to promote your properties, optimizing descriptions and images to highlight your assets.

Reservations and Coordination: We manage all reservations and communication with guests, making sure they have a smooth stay and responding to their needs in real time.

Maintenance and Cleaning: We coordinate regular maintenance and deep cleaning after each stay, ensuring that your properties are kept in optimal conditions (included in our Property Management service).

Quality Customer Service: Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional guest service, which translates into excellent ratings and reviews, which in turn attracts more tenants.

Reporting and Earnings: We provide detailed reports on property income and the performance of your vacation rentals so that you are always on top of your investment.

Century 21 is committed to making your vacation rentals a success. Our market expertise, global recognition and focus on quality service ensure that your short-term rental properties stand out and generate a high return. Contact us today to start increasing your vacation rental income and trust Century 21 to manage every detail!

Your success is our priority.

Long-term leases

At Century 21, we understand the importance of ensuring that your properties are in the right hands for leasing. Our long history as one of the leading brands in the real estate market backs us up. Here's why you should consider us to manage your leases and the process we follow.

Our process:

Initial Evaluation: We begin with a detailed evaluation of your property to determine its market value and the best marketing strategies.

Marketing and Promotion: We use our strong marketing skills to promote your property online and in our networks, reaching a global audience of potential tenants.

Rigorous Tenant Screening: We take tenant screening seriously. We perform thorough background, credit history and reference checks to ensure that your properties are in the hands of reliable tenants.

Negotiation and Contracting: We handle all negotiations with interested tenants and draft solid leases that protect your interests.

Ongoing Management: We don't stop once the lease is signed. We offer property management services to ensure a smooth lease during the entire contract period. For more information please contact us.

At Century 21, we are committed to simplifying the leasing process for you. Our experience, global reach and focus on quality make trusting us to manage your rental properties a smart choice. Contact us today to start maximizing your rental income. Your investment is in good hands with Century 21.

Property Management

If the property is used for temporary rental service or only used occasionally, we help you to pay attention to situations such as:


We have reliable personnel for cleaning at an additional cost.

We help you make the payments related to the unit; water, electricity, cable, internet, property taxes, etc.

Coordination of maintenance of equipment, such as air conditioners, etc.

In case of any damage to the unit, we have alliances with specialists, who will provide us with quotes and dates for repairs, which will be carried out after prior authorization of the owners.

We will be present at check in and check out. We will verify and do an inventory check and confirm any damage or anomaly of the property made by the tenants.

If a problem occures in the unit during a tenants stay, our team will follow the process to notify you and solve the situation.

We launder all the linens so that the maid can leave the unit ready for the next arrival.

Weekly visits to the property to verify that everything is in optimal conditions, such as lights, bathrooms, fans, water heaters, air conditioning, etc.




Longer lease term.

Tenants make utility payments.

Tenants will be responsible for basic maintenance


You are not tied to the same tenant.

Vacation property for the owner.

Possibility of more income for high seasons.

Easier to keep up with repairs.

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