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Benefits of moving to Puerto Vallarta

Posted by Century 21 Bayside Properites on 29 September, 2023

You can make a purchase of land facing the sea that will definitely make you happy. In Puerto Vallarta and the entire Bay of Banderas, you have the opportunity to buy a world-class lifestyle in a region with beautiful beaches and ocean views and plenty of golf courses, marinas, restaurants and shops. You can not compare the life of Puerto Vallarta with other places, since it has international type facilities to satisfy the tastes of any person.

Benefits of moving to Puerto Vallarta.

Among the benefits that we can mention about buying a house in Puerto Vallarta, we find some of the following, contributed by the same people or clients who have shown that this has been their best option, let’s see:

  • Everything is close: one of the most important benefits to consider regarding life in this place, is that we can reach in a matter of minutes any part of it.
    Supermarkets, shops, restaurants, beach, among others, are just a few steps away, so you can take a nice walk, see the landscape and reach your destination, don’t you think it’s incredible?
  • Beautiful climate: Another reason for buying houses or land facing the sea in Puerto Vallarta is precisely that we have a wonderful climate throughout the year. Regardless of the time in which we leave, we can feel the same atmosphere, something very comfortable since most people love the sun and warm weather, did you know that Puerto Vallarta has 300 sunny days a year and an average temperature of 25 °? “The Sun is life”
  • The beach: there really is no better reason than this. The beach is one of the most important attractions that Vallarta has, in addition to this has allowed the houses to be valued and widely demanded. You can go to the beach and enjoy the sea at any time, this makes it really a very interesting place.
  • Valued houses: Buying a house on the beach means that we can find a highly valued real estate. The area is demanded by tourists, but also by people from all over who want to live there. That is why buying a house in this place means that we can take advantage of an opportunity not only for a paradise on earth, but we can also have a house or an asset that is highly profitable and valued that we can rent in times when we can not be there for example, that is to say that it is a guaranteed profitable investment. Year after year the value of the houses in Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit goes in increase.
  • The gastronomy: this place is characterized by offering one of the most interesting gastronomic offers. You can enjoy delicious seafood, great drinks and much more. There is a wide range of restaurants that you can find far and wide and that are an opportunity to get to know another culture in depth or another reason to stay in this place. Puerto Vallarta is listed as the second most important culinary destination in Mexico, due to the international quality of its restaurants, only behind Mexico City, capital of the country. In fact, every year there are 2 gastronomic festivals where important chefs from all over the world participate.
  • Tranquility: this place is quite quiet and also safe, so we can have a peaceful life and spend a very pleasant time in the company of friends and family.

These are then just some reasons or some of the benefits that we can mention about Puerto Vallarta.

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